Benjamin Seng is an American artist, who moved to Berlin from California 3 months ago. His saturated abstract style quickly found the audience in Berlin and he is preparing the exhibition now for a group-show in Mitte. Our conversation happened spontaneously and suddenly turned into a sort of the interview with good tips for young passionate talents. Enjoy the style-cocktail that is mixed with sunny California jams and techno-winter in Berlin:

"As far as making pictures and drawing, I've been doing that since I was a child. I've always had an admiration and intrigue for art. It probably started from watching my father draw pictures and take photos when I was very young. I dabbled in art for many years but did not pursue it professionally until my mid 20’s.   

The winter in Berlin has been a little rough on my psyche. I started doing monochromatic pieces. Those works seemed colder, darker and with less control over what I was making. However, I have made many monochromatic paintings before coming to Berlin.

I did and have great admiration for Picasso, Kandinsky, Duchamp, Bacon, Rothko and many other modern geniuses. I have since let them go to search for my voice. I still study the techniques and subjects of other artists. I think you must guide yourself, walk your own path in order to discover new ideas, discover your art.

Talent is always supported but greatness comes.

Most of my work intentionally avoids a story though most people seem to find their own narration to it. People like to make sense of things, I enjoy seeing how each person interprets what I’ve given them. I made a large painting in a very tedious style over the course of one year. Each session would uncover the significant influences in my life throughout the days weeks and months. Family, new friends, old friends, all types of books, music, and subconscious ideas were mostly depicted in various stages of this painting.

I often wonder who I am.

Life is a bit of a riddle. I like not knowing myself at times. I find freedom in it.

Seek new environments, welcome change, push myself out of my comfort. Seek good strong people who challenge me and my ideas, challenge those people in the same way while showing them love and compassion. If you have love you have the biggest part of what you need, you can't fake love.

People everywhere have a fear in them. Fear of life it's a damn shame

I have it still but my work has helped me overcome it and soon I will be ready to show what I am really made of.

Yeah, let me say fuck fear!

Don’t be afraid to free your mind and see where it takes you!

Better to go in a blaze of glory than holding your knees". 

Ben Seng // March 2017 // Conversation with Julia Tet.

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