ARTTET is an organization, founded by the independent curator and artist Julia Tet.

ARTTET is mostly working with young, Russian born artists, which live abroad, many of them in Europe. The main objective of the project is to reflect upon the role of the artist in the modern society, when the artist is born in Russia, but lives and works outside of his/her home country. Particular attention is placed on the tension between the culture-specific, Russian background and the new, often unfamiliar environment as well as on the influence of international tendencies on the content and style of contemporary, Russian Art. Another important aspect is the choice of a specific medium, which can be developed further in combination with other artistic forms of expression and the perception of the Russian art scene in the European or international context.

ARTTET seeks to support young artists and encourage cultural exchange in the international art world.

We are open to any sort of collaboration with artists and projects, connected with Arts. 

If you have any proposal about the partnership, please, use the contact form.

All the images placed in the Gallery can be bought and printed in different formats. All pieces are made by Julia Tet. All rights reserved. 

To use the images and offer common projects, please use the contact form or message directly to:


For more information, to communicate regarding cooperation, or to just say hi, feel free to get in touch.