The collages and photographs of ARTTET are a fusion of surrealism and futurism merging into a new stylistic form of expression called: SURREAL FUTURISM. Julia Tet amalgates elements from art, fashion and modern everyday life into complex collages, which reflect the beginning of a new era of futurism. The viewer finds himself in a world of wild dreams and alluring fantasies; the fulfilment of desires suddenly seems realizable. Thus, the artist not only shows the power of imagination to transcend the limitations of time and space, but also reflects upon the ongoing transformation of the modern society, which is expressed through new forms of technology, design and fashion. Julia Tets collages can be interpreted as maps of these changes; the artist picks up different elements and arranges them to new entities, therefore drawing the attention to the diversity of possibilities and perspectives, which all lead to the same end. The surreal photographs of the artist, however, capture spontaneous, often unexpected moments and thus appear like precious finds on a journey through different parallel realities.
Text by Hannah Schraven.

Arctic // Global Changes // inspired by Rick Owens

Consumption // Global changes

Detoxification // Global changes

Grace // Gods of music // Special series for VoiceUp Studio

David // Gods of music // Special series for VoiceUp Studio

Virgos // for VoiceUp studio

Twin Peaks

Space Guard


In memory of Zaha Hadid