RCAW is a new-wave format of art show, drawing the attention away from mainstream art to focus on the pulsating and highly innovative scene of Russian artists in Europe. Therefore, the project aims to open up a platform that serves as both an introduction to European context as well as a space for artistic expression, in which the young artists can develop their visions untouched by the stereotypical clichés of Russian Contemporary Art. RCAW is proud to present both already internationally renowned artists and undiscovered talents who are in the exciting early-stages of their artistic careers. Thus, RCAW reflects the diversity and immense potential of the Contemporary Russian Art scene in light of current developments. The overall goal of the project is to establish itself as a new, unique art showcase which stands out in the grand scale of the international Biennale. It works as a biennal concept of exhibitions which introduces Russia's most influential contemporary artists to the European market.

From 15th to 21th of May 2015 the debut of Russian Contemporary Art Week (RCAW) took place in Berlin. Three different locations served as the setting for an creative encounter across cultural boundaries, in which a large variety of Russian-born artists from Berlin introduced their work to an European context.

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3-4 November 2017 RCAW was a part of the 1st Russian-German Creative Industries Forum that took place in Moscow DI Telegraph. The conception of the exposition called "In search of harmony" and was devoted to the investigation of harmony in various forms at different spheres of life. The artists of the exposition are Gleb Solntsev, Anna Diricheva, Maksim Emelianov. Curator: Julia Tet.