Detection room

It’s normal to feel isolated in a big city. It’s like being locked in a room, alone, with your inner identificators around. They are telling you about your mistakes and demons and you start to fight them, to overcome yourself, to be someone else, but they are parts of your personality. Maybe this is Ego and you can feel it outside.

The environment is reflecting your inside condition and you are the reflection of the environment. Sometimes this is the fight of the beasts. Because everyone needs to change in another. And a fact of change means the victory. But a fact of the victory means the defeat and the death to some parts of the process. The right choice is essential, because it determines the way forward.

In this rooms all our demons go outside and the room identifies them. My favorite inner beast is a vampire. Mystical incarnation role model. Usually in a state of a black meditation, when the world have transferred too much negativity to you and sucked you inside, the desire to revenge is coming. 

But it’s also a beautiful process. Winter is the best time to reflect on the vampire’s feelings that we have inside. We all want more warmness and in search for it. It’s the time of sleeping, self-identification from outside and harder position of mind. It’s more clear, more black and white, more divided. More philosophical.

We need to be vampires from time to time, because we all need blood to live. Blood that we are sucking from our environments, entertainment, people around: lovers, friends, strangers - energetically blood. «Film spectators are quite vampires» - Jim Morrison told. Jim Gandolfini: «All writers are vampires». 

Actually, all creative persons are vampires. They can take your energy and personal stories, transform them and create their own products. That makes them stronger, but you may be to totally sucked. A vampire doesn’t warn you, he just takes. This role gives a change to recharge the batteries for new missions, to learn something new, to take instead of giving and to save your power for more momentous time. 

Vampiring may be the things that people create: technologies, internet, media, jobs. All environment, except nature, that on the contrast charges energetically. Getting your energy, the environment turns you into a vampire. The treatment process is quite typical and it occurs imperceptible and accidentally. Vampires often prefer to be alone, to hide the secrets, to think, to meditate, to recognize new experience, to safe the energy, to understand who are they now and what they can. And after to jump from the window and investigate this strange big world from above. From the other point of view.

The other essential things about detection are revealing in reflections. The reflections can indicate your blindness and your real face. When you close your eyes, you should find the way how to feel the reality by your inner sight, to use your third eye, if you want. The best way to do it in darkness, but meditating on the bright light.

In the rooms you can face your psycho directly and realize your subconscious heroes. They can be really powerful, but also can be weak and blurred. You can touch different layers of reality, lose and find yourself in different conditions and test their strength.

You can feel the electricity of your thoughts and dreams and find the other exits and keys to the reality. Another way to open the doors for new probabilities. «The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge, but imagination» - Einstein told. And this process is working when you are traveling, using your mind, even in strict conditions. The questions is how far you can go, investigating your deep inner spaces, step by step.

Finding and going through these kind of rooms is a mission, there finally you should meet yourself, detecting all existing layers, reflections and selves of your own galaxies. And being reborn after this experience. To be ready not to take, but to give more, when your power will be needed.

2016 // Julia Tet