Eclipse is a null. It’s a new phase, new start, new era. It something that makes you feel defenceless and powerful at the same time. A total solar eclipse occurred on March 20, 2015. In addition, it was the day of the equinox and the day of the third of six supermoons. We all have our own periods of eclipse in life. Personal and global, social eclipse. 

Personal eclipse may be caused by extremely strong feelings. Love is the most powerful of them. You can be blind and the prophet at the same time. You feel extra-power and deep-connection to the world in all senses, but you are also extremely weak, thin-skinned and far away from the ordinary life. You feel excited and feel depressed, feel the sun and feel the moon, their embrace in the moment of common illumination, the connection and the exchange of energy flows. This is the absolute eclipse of your spirit and mind, depending on only one source of energy. You are blind, because you are addicted to it. But you can see another world, because this is the power of God. 

Eclipse can be caused by the power to wish the power. Now this is the period of the power games and total eclipse of the minds can take place, when the world is paralyzed, eclipsed by the politics, deaths of the innocents and unpredictable cataclysms. Eclipse is a common reaction, but it is also a start to a new phase, this is the beginning of new periods with new philosophies and new priorities. 

Phases are different. The start, total blindness, a pause to change, erase and new beginning, when the light is starting again. Sometimes we need to become blind to realize our position, feel changes and choose the way to go. 

How to react and to find the solution. This is the question. We need to be based on our previous experience, but also should predict the future and play according to new rules. Be the prophets to achieve the best, or just staying alive. The reaction is needed, because this is only way to progress. Staying blind, staying mute means being the victims of the circumstances. We need to learn, to be stronger and firmer to be blessed by the ECLIPSE. 

the blinds on new paths, 

they are following their own pasts,

begins the stories of lives,

the heroes who never dies  

believe in sacred love 

and fight for the Truth and God. 

religions are new, the subject are clear,

decorations are changed, but the plots are old, dear… 

Julia Tet